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Blanche and Lilly

I took pictures of both these dogs just a week and a half or so before Christmas.  The basset hound is named Blanche, and the Labrador retriever is Lilly.  They were a hoot!  Lilly, especially, is really full of herself.  At just less than a year old, she just wanted to play.  It made for […]

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Snoop and Scooter

These two miniature schnauzers were a lot of fun.  Scooter was pretty camera-shy at the beginning of our session, but he warmed up after awhile.  These little guys are named Snoop and Scooter, and they are from Johnson City.

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Kristin and Royse

I had the pleasure of shooting these two nice subjects a few days ago…  Kristin and her golden retriever, Royse.  It was a beautiful fall day in upper East Tennessee… I got this wink from Royse when we were finished with our shoot.  🙂  Think he had a good time?

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Ciara – My Mascot

Meet Ciara (pronounced with a “hard” C – like a K).  She has lived with us for over six years now, since she was just 8 weeks old.  She is a little Westie, with a big ego, and she is full of spunk and vinegar.  Sometimes I think she rules the household.  There is no […]

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Meet a Whippet

These are pictures of Lacy, a whippet that romps and plays regularly at the Johnson City Dog Park.  Until recently, I don’t think I had ever encountered a whippet before.  Officially, it is a cross between the larger greyhound and the much smaller Italian greyhound.  Lacy is a beautiful dog.  She was obviously engineered for […]

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