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JC Dog Park Birthday This Sat!

Come one, come all!  Everything is still on track for the Dog Park’s 4th Birthday Party that will be happening this Saturday – September 25th – from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.  There will be games and prizes galore – for both the dogs and their humans!  I think you can tell from the pictures here that these members of the Dog Park are really excited just thinking about all the fun they are going to have at the party on Saturday!

I’ll be taking pictures of the whole event and posting them in a “Client Proofs” gallery on my website for all to see.  The password is “dogpark”.  If you see a picture of your dog that you would like to submit for the Dog Park calendar next year, just let me know, and I will forward to the Dog Park Association.  You just need to send a check to the association to cover the appropriate cost.  Here is a list of prices.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday afternoon!

Dog Park Calendar

Here is the flyer that was mailed to all Johnson City Dog Park members about submitting dog photos for use in a calendar for next year.  Not only will you get to enjoy pictures of your dog and his or her friends all year long, but it is a great fund-raiser for the dog park!

Available picture sizes and prices are in the memo shown above, as are the email addresses to which you need to send your photos.  If you don’t already have a picture of your dog that you want to use, I will be taking lots of pictures at the birthday party next Saturday, September 25th, between 3 and 5.  I will post those pictures on my website in a special proofing gallery for all to see.  The password required to view this gallery will be “dogpark.”  If you see a picture of your dog – or any dog – that you think would be great for the calendar, contact and let me know which picture you want to use, and what size.  I will forward your image selection on to the Dog Park Association – and I will email you a copy, as well.  Then just remit the appropriate payment amount to the Dog Park Association.

It’s really pretty simple.  But if you have any questions about what to do, don’t hesitate to ask.

Johnson City Dog Park Birthday Party

The Johnson City Dog Park is getting ready to celebrate its 4th birthday, with a party to be held on Saturday, September 25th.  The party is from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon at the Dog Park site, located at Willow Springs Park, off Huffine Road in Johnson City.  Lots of fun for all!  Visit the Dog Park website for more details. (Click link above)

I will be there with camera in tow to record the event for posterity.  I will also be taking pictures for potential use in the Dog Park calendar being produced for 2011. Details on how you can review your photos on my website and pick one for submission will be forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

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