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Kristin and Royse

I had the pleasure of shooting these two nice subjects a few days ago…  Kristin and her golden retriever, Royse.  It was a beautiful fall day in upper East Tennessee…

I got this wink from Royse when we were finished with our shoot.  🙂  Think he had a good time?

Ciara – My Mascot

Meet Ciara (pronounced with a “hard” C – like a K).  She has lived with us for over six years now, since she was just 8 weeks old.  She is a little Westie, with a big ego, and she is full of spunk and vinegar.  Sometimes I think she rules the household.  There is no question that Ciara was born to play.  She has a special ball that is her very favorite toy, but it is a couple years old now, and broken.  But she still loves it.  I don’t think there is a day goes by that we aren’t conned into playing ball with her.  And she will play with it for as long as you can stand it!  I fear that someday the ball will fall apart, and PetSmart doesn’t sell it anymore.  When that happens, I will have to do a major internet search to find another ball just like it.  Like most dogs, she is loyal to a “T.”  As I am writing this blog post, she is curled up at my feet, in her favorite sunbeam.  And she will stay with me all day.  If I move downstairs, she will go too.  Most of the books say that Westies are not lap dogs, but Ciara doesn’t believe the books.  She loves to curl up in our laps in the evenings while we watch a little TV.

Ciara is not the healthiest dog…  She suffers from a few chronic afflictions that are pretty common among Westies — a pancreatic disorder that prevents digestion of her food without the help of an artificial enzyme we have to mix with everything she eats.  And she is allergic to just about everything, including grass.  How inconvenient is that!  We have to give her allergy shots regularly.  But none of this slows her down!

We love this little dog, and she is definitely part of the reason I have chosen to pursue pet photography with such passion.  I want to make sure I have wonderful pictures that document Ciara’s life with us.  And through my services as a photographer, I want to offer other folks the same opportunity to have their favorite pet memories captured in photos.

Meet a Whippet

These are pictures of Lacy, a whippet that romps and plays regularly at the Johnson City Dog Park.  Until recently, I don’t think I had ever encountered a whippet before.  Officially, it is a cross between the larger greyhound and the much smaller Italian greyhound.  Lacy is a beautiful dog.  She was obviously engineered for speed – and she is easily among the fastest dogs at the Park.

I have enjoyed watching Lacy for awhile now.  She is the picture of grace and speed.  But she has a very sweet side, too…


I’m looking forward to taking more pictures of Lacy!

Birthday Party a Hit!

The birthday party held yesterday was a big success, as you can see from some of the happy faces featured in the collage of pictures that appears here.  Turnout was great!  I’m not sure I’ve seen so many dogs at the dog park at the same time!

There were hot dogs, birthday cake – for both humans and dogs – and lots of special prize give-aways.  Lots of dogs wallowed around in finger paints, then walked or sat on white paper to create “doggie art.”  Not sure how it will sell…  but it was fun!  On the other side of the parking lot, there was a doggie obstacle course set-up for those adventurous enough to try it out.  But mostly, the dogs just had a great time playing with each other in the dog park!

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